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Awsome or Not, We loved doing these.

Each of our projects gave us insights about how ameatures we were. That means we learned from each of it. A room with 2 laptops and 1 client to an workspace with 25+ employees and a handful of clients is our Journey. Each client was different- some simple, some complicated, some rude but we survived and upgraded ourselves. We failed in some projects but that made us learn, sometimes its better to let go than hold on. End of the day, all that matters is, we are still doing the same thing we started 5 years back and thats one big achievement. Now, if you have a lot of time to research on us, see these web pages else lets have a cup of coffee sometime.

Where it all Started

We have done quite a good number of web projects and have earned immense amount of exposure in the web technology front. But we still have a sentimental touch to this design which we coded when it all started before 5 years. We knew nothing much about the field then but still we managed to make a decent website for ourselves. When our team loses hope or taste at anytime, we just see to this and things will automatically start flowing back again. Well, if we do have a sentimental touch to ourselves, that's this.

We never are restricted to time, office, infra, facilities, or requirements. May be that's what enables us to provide more than what is expected of us. We take the liberty to work anywhere anytime, be it a park, a theatre or wash rooms, we feel like working, we work. This culture has made our creativity intact. And adding to it, we do have the business team who are extra professional when it comes to clients, service and deadlines. This is the rare but effective mixture we provide to our clients.

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